Sannabis, Inc. (OTC: USPS) Unveils Innovative NO LICK! Terpene Spray for Cannabis Products to Enhance CBD and THC to Achieve the Entourage Effect

Friday, April 19, 2024 at 12:47pm UTC

CALI, Colombia, April 19, 2024 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Sannabis, Inc. f/k/a Ultimate Sports, Inc. (OTC: USPS) (the ‘Company’), a cannabis company based in Colombia, announces the launch of its groundbreaking Sannabis NO LICK! Terpene Spray, designed to elevate the cannabis experience by harnessing the power of cannabis terpenes by working in synergy with THC and CBD.

Terpenes are aromatic compounds found in cannabis and a variety of other plants. They not only contribute to the distinctive flavors and aromas of different strains but also play a crucial role in enhancing the effects of cannabinoids like THC and CBD, although the terpenes alone contain no THC or CBD.   This phenomenon is known as the Entourage Effect.

Sannabis’ motto has always been the “the Full Spectrum Use of Cannabis.” To understand more about the advantages of adding terpenes to cannabis to achieve the Entourage Effect visit, .

The Sannabis NO LICK! Terpene Spray offers consumers a convenient way to enhance their cannabis experience by adding cannabis flower terpenes to their favorite products. Whether used in conjunction with dried flower, concentrates, or edibles, this innovative spray allows users to customize and amplify the effects of their cannabis consumption.

One unique feature of the Sannabis Terpene Spray is its versatility. In addition to enhancing the entourage effect when added directly to cannabis products, the spray can also be used as a hygienic alternative to saliva when rolling any material. By spraying the adhesive edge of rolling papers with No Lick! Terpene Spray instead of licking, consumers can share a more sanitary and enjoyable experience.

Research has shown that reintroducing terpenes to cannabis products can significantly enhance the effects of cannabinoids, CBD and THC. By carefully selecting and blending terpenes known for their synergistic properties with cannabinoids, Sannabis has developed a product that delivers a potent and holistic cannabis experience at a price everyone can afford.

Currently, many terpene sprays being marketed in the U.S. are not from cannabis. If they are, they are distilled from hemp stalk, not flower. Real cannabis terpenes in the U.S. are pricey and high end, Sannabis is bringing high quality cannabis flower terpenes from Colombia, to the masses in the U.S., at affordable prices.

"We’re excited to introduce our No Lick! Terpene Spray to the market," said Juan Pablo Guzmán, Sannabis co-founder. "Our essential oil used to make our terpenes sprays are distilled from cannabis flower, with our Terpene Spray, consumers can easily customize their cannabis therapeutic experience while benefiting from the synergistic effects of terpenes and cannabinoids, we believe consumers will demand terpenes much more than CBD, mainly due to aroma and positive results,” continued Mr. Guzmán.

The No Lick! Terpene Spray will soon be available for purchase online and at select retailers in the Boston area, then coming to a store near you.

Sannabis recently launched grow operations in Colombia.

Visit for more information about Sannabis, and the terpene profiles of their innovative cannabis products.

Like their peers, Aurora Cannabis Inc., Canopy Growth Corp., and Cronos Group Inc., Sannabis is anxiously awaiting this month’s introduction of U.S. Federal Marijuana Legislation in the U.S. Senate. Since Sannabis terpenes have no THC, they are not regulated, and can be sold in stores everywhere. To learn more read “Tricky Terpenes: Under-Regulated Use of Added Terpenes in a Regulated Cannabis Industry.”

About Sannabis, Inc., f/k/a Ultimate Sports, Inc.

Sannabis, Inc. f/k/a Ultimate Sports, Inc.'s is acquiring Sannabis S.A.S. in Colombia. Their Men’s Advanced RX Online Medical Clinic provides a licensed physician to diagnose and treat male health and wellness issues and is also seeking strategic mergers and acquisitions. They have converted their "brick & mortar" clinics to online telehealth services. Telehealth services are a growing sector of online medical clinics. Visit for more information.

About Sannabis S.A.S.

Sannabis S.A.S. is a fully licensed cannabis company operating in Colombia. They have a line of cosmetic, medical, homeopathic, and industrial products, made from cannabis and hemp. They are licensed to grow, manufacture, and export cannabis and cannabis derivatives. For more information, visit

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